How to Use Baby Bottle Sterilizers

Published: 27th May 2010
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If you are using bottles to feed your baby, whether with expressed milk or formula, you should ensure that each piece of the bottle is sterile. Sterilization means thoroughly decontaminated each piece of the bottle, including the nipple, nipple ring and cap.

While you can drop the parts in boiling water to sterilize them, or use cold sterilization techniques, a baby bottle sterilizer makes it easier and more efficient. Baby bottle sterilizers need to be used correctly, though, to ensure that proper sterilization occurs.

Steam Sterilizers
Step 1
Place the unit near an electrical outlet. Add the manufacturer's recommended amount of water. Plugin the unit.

Step 2
Place the bottle upside down (use the prongs to support them individually). Most units allow up to six bottles to be sterilized simultaneously. Place the nipples, nipple rings and caps so that they do not touch each other. Either prop them between the lower prongs, or place them on the supplied surface.

Step 3
Put the cover on items that are sterilized and turn on the unit. Sterilization typically takes about 10 minutes with an automatic cycle that raises water temperature to a sufficient level to kill off any bacteria (212 degrees Fahrenheit). Once this cycle ends, the unit automatically begins to cool. Many units do not allow you to open the cover until the cooling cycle is completed

Microwave Sterilizers
Step 1
Make sure your bottles and food sources (nipples, nipple rings and caps) is the safe in the microwave before using this method of sterilization. The items need to be specifically labeled "microwave safe" or they may melt in the microwave.

Step 2
Put bottles and feeding equipment on the tray provided. Use the prongs to place the bottles upside-down. Separate nipples, nipple rings and caps so they are not touching one another. Most units can sterilize up to four bottles and accessories at one time.

Step 3
Add the manufacturer's recommended amount of water and put the unit fully charged, in the microwave.

Step 4
Close the microwave door and set the timer to the amount recommended by the manufacturer. Most microwave baby bottle sterilizers require about eight minutes to sterilize enough bottles and food items, although the time depends on the model of the microwave.

Step 5
Let the bottles cool off before removing them from the microwave to avoid burning your fingers. Depending on the model of bottle and the power of your microwave, it could take up to two minutes for the bottles to cool off sufficiently.

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